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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

need some help!

Okay....I am trying to figure out what fabric to get to cover Isla's bed with.  I can not decide!  I'm going to show you some rough (really really rough) sketches I did to try and see some of these fabrics together.  Her bedroom is pink and white.  I have plans of throwing in some accents of very light silver gray.  So I thought pink white and gray would be pretty for her bed.  Please note, before you look at these pictures, that there are huge differences in color.  All of the whites look beige, but they are white.  Here goes: 
Okay, so this was my original idea.  But now I'm thinking it would look a little crazy.  I love the scrolly fabric in the soft gray with the white, and I love the pink houndstooth (which is also pink and WHITE, even though it looks not-white).  So, I guess the question is, do I go with the houndstooth? and a plain fabric for the middle, as in this next picture?  
 Or do I go with a plain pink on the outside and a pretty gray-ish fabric on the inside?  

I added a few more of the fabrics I've been looking at as well.  See they make the houndstooth in gray too...hmmm?  Also, the pink color in this one is not the color of pink I would go with....it's the color of pink they had in microsoft paint!  Yes, I'm that fancy....microsoft paint! 
Also, keep in mind that the middle portion will be diamond tufted (like in the white fabric above)...just not so many of them.  I'm going to do big chunky ones with much more space in between.  oh, and the pretty scrolly fabric doesn't look like that, for some reason they have added weird pink stuff in between.  It really looks like this:  click me ;)

Please help me decide on this.  I really am stumped.  I would appreciate any comments that are left.  

P.s.  showing dirt is a HUGE issue for me, so I am also taking that into consideration as well.  



  1. the gray fabric from left to right... the third one is my favorite. I think it is going to look great.

  2. Anna,
    First of all...I miss you. I am so sad I missed your call and then you missed mine. Let's try again now that the holidays are over :)

    Second, I love your ideas. I think that to disguise dirtiness, you should go with one of the patterns that is consistent over all the fabric...not the ones that have larger spaces of white or spaces with no pattern. In the line up of 4 fabrics you have above, I like the first two best.

    I can't wait to see the final product! Good luck!

  3. Hey Anna!!! Love the family picture! Beautiful kiddos! As for bedding I like the pink/white pattern not the plain pink outline & for the inner section I like the all over gray/silver pattern, not the white spaces showing. I'm not the greatest @ decorating but that's what I recommend. Does any pintrest ideas help?