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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I love feathers :)

Check out my sweetie's hair.  Isn't it the CUTEST !!!  :)  I love it!

I got a wild hair this morning and just grabbed a feather boa I had out of my mountain of crafty supplies, and I cut two sections of about three inches of the boa (make sure, if you do this, you pull back the feathers and only cut the cord....well, I guess that's a duh thing, but I've made that mistake before).  All I did was curl them around her pigtails and then clipped them with a little alligator clip, the same kind you use for regular bows.  It was so easy, took five minutes and it stayed perfectly the whole time she was at preschool.  I think I may go back and put some anti-fray stuff on the ends of the cord where I cut it.  I don't want it to unravel.  I'm certainly going to re-use these pieces in lots of different ways in her hair.  I just love feathers!  Oh and bonus, the feather boa is still plenty long enough to be useful as a boa if I still want to use it as such in the future. 

Just thought I'd share, have a great day!

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