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Monday, January 2, 2012


Can't think of anything to post about, but I promised myself I would try to do this every day, so here is a post about NOTHING :) 

some random facts about the day.....

Cole wrote a new song with his new spiderman guitar (a real acoustic guitar)  It was called Loaded Spider and he performed it in a full spiderman costume.  It was pretty awesome :) 

The boys have been playing (and fighting over) the new X-box Kinect all evening. I've decided that it's the only allowable video game system for our house....only because these kids are panting from how much exersize they are getting.  BONUS! I am, however, slightly weirded out by the video camera on it that randomly takes shots of our entire living room.  Just saw a very awkward one of myself that I didn't know was being taken.....that coupled with the fact that this thing is connected to the internet.  The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if it's possible for somebody to hack in and watch us?  .....spooky....

The baby is aaaalmost walking.  She actually took three steps today while just barely touching my finger.  She will be 14 months old in two days, so it's about time.  Am I a bad that I really don't want her to walk?  She could take another three months and I'd be happy. 

Brent hung with the kids today so I could go grocery shopping and look for a bed frame for isla's bed.  I found a metal bed frame (so I won't have to build slats in the bed I'm building, I'll just set the metal frame inside the shell of the bed....easier and I won't have to worry about my creation not being sturdy enough.).  The bed frame was only tend dollars!!!!  Awesome.  And then I went grocery shopping, filled up my shopping cart till it was so full that we had to get a second cart while checking out....and I came in under 200 (190 to be exact).  Double awesome!....no Triple awesome for that one.  It looked like I had at about 300 worth of stuff.  Man I'm good....ha!

well, that's it for now! 

have a great night!

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