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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years!!!

Happy New Years Eve!!!! 

Hope everybody has a safe and happy New Year's Eve :)  We are having a low key one around here.  We will be hanging around the house and breaking out my boys' new Xbox 360 Kinnect.  Today is not only New Year's Eve....it is also my Chasey-boy's ninth birthday <3 <3 <3.  I can. not. believe it!  He is growing up so very very fast. 

Such a good lookin kid!  
Happy Birthday my sweetheart!  

Wanna deeper peek into our lives?  I just thought the following was funny.  Brent and I got into a little tiff this afternoon and ended up resolving it via text message.  Does anybody else argue like this?  I think we are total nerds.  He's going to kill me for posting this.  haha!  

Let me preface this with basically, he just hurt my feelings....no need for anymore detail than that ;) 

Here goes:  

Brent:  I just felt like you were taking something simple and turning it into all kind of drama.  You know I love you and I always do my best to take care of all of you.  When you start pouting and saying ....., I thought that was melodramatic and a little juvenile.  When I stated as such, you wanted to go tit for tat and make it worse.   You always want me to apologize and I do, but sometimes if you would just pause for a second instead of trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill, there wouldn't be as much drama as there is.  We have a great life.  We have healthy kids and we love each other.  Why do we need manufactured drama?  If I get a tone you don't like , maybe you could say "Hey calm down, it's no big deal" ....and if you said it in a non-rude tone, then I would correct myself.  But coming back at me with a silly, rude comment exacerbates the problem and doesn't help.  If I'm not responding like an adult then you need to. Same goes for me with you.  

Anna:  When you behave a certain way to me, when you are short tempered and act like you don't have time for my "foolishness" or what have you, it makes me feel pain. No matter what your intents are, or excuses are, it still hurts.  I never try to make something more out of a situation than it is.  I just react to the pain I am feeling.  

Brent:  If I get all rude and such, if you don't stay calm and act like the adult then I will have a harder time correcting myself. If you join in with my rude-ness, then the problem will only get worse in the moment.  I love you and didn't mean to make you upset but you upset me too.  

Anna:  You're right, it's just hard when you've hurt my feelings and I want you to realize that you've hurt me.  but instead I get more hurt feelings because you take my reaction as an attack on you.  

Brent:  I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, I'm talking about how you react to it.  How your feelings get hurt is a part of who you are and has nothing to do with me.  I need to be more cognizant of your feelings as always.  I just need sometimes when I get short with you, for you to let me know directly instead of immediately taking it personally and letting your claws out.  

Anna:  Yeah, I know, you are right....but it is really hard though.  It's hard to control a reaction to someone else upsetting you.  Just like you say that if I don't react meanly to you being mean to me, then you won't react back to my reaction.  The thing you are telling me to do is because you are trying to keep yourself from having to do that very same thing.  It's a two way street.  It would be much easier on both of us if you just wouldn't be nasty in the first place.  But yes, I agree that if either of us is unable to control ourselves, the other should make an effort to be the bigger person instead of perpetuating the argument.  But then what if we both aren't able to control ourselves?  lol

Brent:  That's what happened today, we didn't control ourselves.  I will do better.  I understand I get frustrated and get angry.  I love you and will work on being better.  

Anna:  I love you too and I feel a lot better now too :)  

Am I a lucky lady or what?  I mean he was a total butt-hole to me earlier, but I come off as the mean one in this conversation.  He really is a great guy.   Are we just dorks or what?  Not what you would expect out of a "fight"  In fact....we don't really fight, we debate.  We are like a couple of nerds debating...haha! 

I don't know why I thought to share this, but I thought it would at least be entertaining. 

Have a Happy Newyear!!!

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