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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

another thing I started but didn't see through.....

Oh, my blog.... well that was a big fat fail, huh!  This is what I would call a typical "Anna" situation.  I am waaay over-ambitious with just about everything I do, and then I start all kinds of projects and then go full force on them for a short period of time and then,....completely drop it!  Like this blog.  I haven't posted since October.  I'm not so reliable with this thing, huh.  Well, I think I'm going to try to turn this into an online journal of sorts....so I don't feel the pressure to post pictures all the time and actually have something "worthwhile" to blog about.  Maybe then it can morph into what I really wanted it to be.  Another lesson in moderation.  I'm constantly reminded of the council I once received to not "run faster than I am able."  Boy, that's me in a nutshell.  Just picture the little kid on easter with so much excitement that they eat their whole easter basket in ten minutes....and then throw up all night.  That is so me....  anyways....

Today has been a lazy lazy day ( that was fun to type since the z is missing on my keyboard and I had to stick my finger in a little hole three times).  I have desperately been trying to get some organization (ahhh..again with the z) in my household since christmas.   But, we were so scattered and busy during christmas, I really have been wanting to just sit....which is sort of what I have been doing.  I have done a lot of work, but with the kids home for break, they are constantly running around trashing the place.  It gets soooo frustrating.  It takes a lot of concentration and self-redirecting to keep myself from getting into an emotional funk.  Going to the gym helps a lot with that, but I haven't even been there in about a week, week and a half.  But!  I am determined to get this place in order....ALL the way!  not just the places where people see when they come over.  I mean EVERY room, finished and DONE.  You don't realize how much work that is.  One word to almost completely describe my kids as a collective would be.....DESTRUCTIVE.  There is so much putty-ing, and painting and fixing holes in the walls and little finishing (like quarter-round) things to do after we've mostly fixed something my kids have destroyed.  This place is a never-ending construction site.

This morning, I spent an hour scrubbing poo spots out of my daughter's rug in her room, because she had a "wedgie" with her diaper....and well,  everything went, when she "went"... on my floor.  And then she walked in it and tracked it all over and then painted some on the wall for good measure.  So....that was fun... And I think I've swept my floors in my house twice today, and they currently look like I haven't swept them in over a week (well, if it were someone else's house)  If I didn't sweep for a week here, I think we might be wading across the room instead of walking.  And we've already had to trash like three different Christmas presents...already!  Because they have been broken. 

Is it just me?  Do I just not know some disciplinary trick to get my kids to not destroy things.  To not just toss their trash in the middle of the floor?  I punish, I yell (I try not to, but let's be honest...) I make them pick up everything I see them throw.....they just don't care...or forget or .....who knows, they have a lot of excuses.  I seriously work my tail off and I feel like it's just for nothing....because I blink and then it's right back where it was before I started.  I'm sure part of it is that I'm just "off" because the kids are home and we've been so busy.  I'm just ready to get back to normal and then I can start chipping away at the clutter and refining my schedule around here to try and cut these little destruct-o's off at the pass.  I need to start doing yoga...

anyways, if you actually read all of that....love you so much, you really care :)  because that must have been horribly un-entertaining, ha!  Have a great day and I'm going to try and post again tomorrow....we'll see ;)

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