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Thursday, January 12, 2012

great idea...

I had a great idea this afternoon.  I don't know why I've never thought of it before...

We usually don't ALL go outside to play.  It's usually the big boys playing outside while the little girls nap, or when there's another adult around to watch the baby.  Today was a really nice day outside (I know, right...it's january), so I just suddenly thought....why not bring her high chair outside!  What a DUH moment.  The girls needed to eat lunch and they all wanted to play outside, so this is what we ended up with.  Oh and don't judge the crazy looking high chair.  The cover was in the wash....I try to keep things clean.  Speaking of....what a GREAT way to not make a mess in the house.  It was fantastic, the ants are now praying to us in thanks because of the great feast they are currently having.  Oh, and wow...I just realized how completely redneck this looks, HA!  No, I didn't leave the high chair on my front lawn. 

I used this as an opportunity for a little photo session for my babies.  
Eat your heart out :)
I think her lips look pretty in this one

My angel :) 

I looked across the yard after taking the above, and there they were eating cheese and crackers sitting just like this!  They are so sweet!

That's a juice box chase has there....looks kinda weird...
They started hamming it up
This one is funny....they all decided for a moment to make grumpy faces.  I couldn't get them all to smile at the same time....but sure, easy peasy to get grumpy faces across the board...ha!    

 But it didn't last long, they were all smiles after a second.  My favorite picture :)  Chase has a great smile :)
Just the boys, I love my boys

oh, little beautiful Cole

And sweet little Sophie was sitting there through all of this.  She was happy to have her momma back.  I just LOVE this one. 
And then she said she had had enough and it was time to go inside. 

Goodness knows I love my kids.  These pictures inspired me to make my blog wider.  I feel like an Html  wizard after that!  You like?  Now the narrow-ness of my blog doesn't chop the sides off of my pictures.  Bad thing is that it's taken me so long to finish this, that it's now after 7pm and dinner isn't ready (well almost, five minutes, I swear).    Ohwell....I get points for having lunch outside today, right.  Have a good evening everyone!  



  1. love this so much. thanks for posting, made my day.

  2. Anna! I love the pictures <3 Its still hard to believe how much time has passed. Beautiful family :)