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Friday, December 30, 2011


I'm really excited to start working on Isla's bed!  We went to Lowes today to start piecing together everything I'm going to need and pricing things, etc.  I have my list of the tools I'm going to buy and I found the wood I need, and now I'm just looking for the right fabric.  I'm just in LOVE with the stuff over at tonic living.  The prices seem pretty decent too....especially if I were to just buy a bunch of small bits for pillows, etc.  I'm still at a loss, however, to find the right fabrics for Isla's bed.  I think I'm going to try to sneak over to Jo-ann's and see if I can find anything good over there.  I always have the hardest time finding the "thing" I have in my head.  I guess that's why I usually resort to making my own stuff....but to make my own patterned fabric might be a little beyond me.  (I have seen it done though, so you never know ...hehehe)  I have been searching for this for months now...but never really with the intention to buy in the moment.  We'll see....  I also have been looking for good ways to somehow treat said fabric so that my child (children...cause you know they will all be all over it) won't destroy it.  I'm almost tempted to just paint over it with polyurethane....Ha!  would that be crazy?  It might make her bed a bit crunchy, I suppose...but then again, it wouldn't be on the part of the bed she would be sleeping on.  Maybe I need to test that and see how it works?  I did find a website for some stuff that is supposed to be better than Scotch-guard.  It's called Ultra Guard Fabric Protection .  Any of you guys heard of that before?  It's just really expensive....not so expensive that I couldn't swing it if I had to....but to the point where it had better work like a charm if I'm paying that for it!   I just don't want this thing to be ruined in a matter of weeks.  Any ideas? 

Anyways, that's all we are up to today.  The kids have been playing outside in the backyard on their new playground that Santa brought them ;).  And I've been lost in my head thinking about making this bed.

I'm also excited about this weekend too!  Tomorrow is my sweetheart, Chase's ninth birthday.  I can not believe he will be NINE!  Where did the time go!  Love that boy :)  He has requested that I make turkey burgers and a cheesecake for his birthday.  Better get cracking on that cheesecake tonight....cause they aren't any good if they are still warm.  And then we are going to have a family new years day party for him over at my in-laws.  And then after that (a few weeks after that...), he will get to have a sleepover with a bunch of his friends (this year he has requested like nine boys...yikes! Let's hope some of them can't make it, because I don't have the heart to turn him down).  Last time they all decided they wanted to be shirt-less (I don't know why???) And they all were running like a stampeded back and forth from my son's room to the kitchen.  It was a shirt-less little boy stampede.  I felt like I was on a safari. At least they didn't try to take off their pants!  Maybe this year I can get them to keep their clothes on ;)  Lucky kid...his birthday always drags on for weeks. 

Well, I will back soon with more boring stuff to talk about.  Much love to those of you who might actually read this xoxoxoxo!!!! 


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  1. Have you checked out fabric.com? They usually have pretty great sales!