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Friday, September 30, 2011

terrible twos are gonna kill me

She looks so sweet and innocent doesn't she......well, think again!  I love her, adore her, worship the ground she walks on and all that stuff....but lately I've been beginning to wonder if tiny robots have taken over her body and turned her into a little terror machine.  I can't blink without her doing something catastrophic around here. 

Yesterday....she refused to take a nap and instead removed the stuffing from one of her stuffed animals and covered her room in it.  I spent a good hour and a half going back and forth with her locking the door and then me picking the lock, putting her back in bed and leaving her door open....then she would get up and close it and lock it and we'd start all over again.  She colored the whole kitchen floor with markers and her entire body....thank GOD for washable markers!!!!  She also decided to disassemble her night light in her bedroom ( that has to come out now) and then passed out on the floor right in front of the light socket.  (during one of these locked door episodes).  I freaked, I thought she had electrocuted herself.....so I woke her up and then of course she was just fine.  She had just decided to knock out asleep in that spot in all of 30 seconds since she had locked the door.  So of course, she slept for 30 seconds, which to her is her nap, which means....she WILL NOT go back to sleep.  Oh what a day I had with her yesterday. 

on to today... first thing when I wake up, she's in the crib with the baby, dumped out a sandwich bag of crushed pringles into the crib (from somebody's lunch that they didn't finish I suppose??? I have no idea where she got it) and was feeding them to the baby.  Which causes me to freak because the baby will choke on those!   We ran errands for most of the day after that, but as soon as we got home, I pulled her out of the car and let her walk into the house while I went around to the other side to get the baby out and in that fast of a time, she had locked me and the baby out of the house!  I had already unloaded all of my "gear" before I got the kids out, so my purse with the keys in it was inside already.  I stood outside for 10 or 15 minutes at least (well, that might be an exaggeration, but it seemed like for. ev. er.) with her playing with the locks on the door until she decided (or figured out how?) to let us in.  Then she proceeded to run to my bathroom and lock me out of there.  By the time I picked the lock, I found her with all of my jewelry strung out all over the place and her trying to open some of my new disposable contact lenses!  Really though, I was just thankful she wasn't eating the toothpaste....again! (I've had to put that stuff under lock and key).  So, anyways,  I got her some crayons and a huge piece of paper to color on and decided to do another post on le blog here.
 Aaaaaand now she's on the counter in the cabinets having herself some cookies and chips! 
ooooh wait, now she's setting my car alarm off with my key chain thing-a-ma-bob. 
and now she's unrolling a roll of cellophane paper I just bought.
and now she's back in my bathroom....ugh

I'll bet you're thinking.....quit typing and go take care of the kid!!   well, I am, I am....it's taken me awhile to type this. 

The bad thing is that this is just a small fraction of the things she gets into....it's just what she was doing at the moment I was typing this....and then some of the stuff that really bugged me from earlier today and yesterday. 

I guess I'm just venting...and hoping she grows out of this SOON.  None of the others were this bad (at least it doesn't seem like it)  but then again, I didn't have a baby when any of the others were two either.  Anybody else been through this?  I think I might go crazy around here!

But I will say, at the end of the day it's all worth it when she curls up in my lap and says "I wuv you mom"  :)

anywhooo, tis time to engage her in something else before she burns my house down

 And yes....those are her shoes in the freezer.....and no I didn't put them there..

 I do love her :)


  1. grrr, the picture at the top was cut off and is off center....I wish I knew how to work all of the kinks with this blog...

  2. I am living this right now! Ugh, 2 year-olds!!