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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Beginning....

Okay....so today I am starting a blog....

I've been wanting to do this for awhile and so here goes. I'm not sure if anybody will actually read this, but I find it's important to have a record of our lives and let's face it, facebook doesn't cut it!

Today everybody is still sick! The baby has a rough cough, I'm just starting to get better (except my ears are popping like cr
azy) Cole has the croup and Isla is getting over pink eye and a horrible cough. So we are all on the mend, and now poor Brent is starting to get sick.

It's been one thing after another around here. We just got back from an 8 day trip to St. Louis (no kids! well...we brought the baby). But for a week before that I was not allowed to walk for a week because I
sprained my ankle pretty badly....yeah, one false step and our lives were a disaster for a whole week. I stepped from the grass to the concrete, and crunch! Sprained ankle. So that was the first two weeks of September....and now ever since we've been home, we've all been sick. And of course, mama's got it the worst. Let's hope October is a little more hum drum :) I'm so excited for the fall to hit!

Well, okay! How was that? good first post? maybe
? I need to add a picture....okay, here you go:

My four sweet babies all dirty and playing on the floor Saturday morning. Love them :)


  1. you forgot to mention that your mom and sister were there minding the troups whilst you were in st louis :-)
    I love you Anna! and I hope, hope, hope that October is a better month for you all.
    The blog looks great... keep smiling!

  2. thanks mom! I was going to do another post with more detail and pictures from our trip, that's why I didn't say much here. love you!

  3. I just love the bow ties your boys are wearing in your family picture. I've made some regular ties for Corgan but I'd love to have some bow ties for him, too! Can I request a tutorial on your blog? :)

  4. hahaha, yay! Just like one of the "real" blogs...lol I think I can do that!